Skydive the Expo will feature a full day of free to attend seminars and educational talks.

From progressing in our sport, to talks from some of the leading manufacturers, there’s something for everyone.

Full details of the available seminars will be added below as they are confirmed.

The BPA reserves the right to amend, change, or cancel seminars at any time.

Mission Impossible

Ray Armstrong @ Alan Hewitt
Stunt Coordinators

Giving some insight into the cloaked world of the film industry. Showing the demands and rewards when working on technically demanding Hollywood Blockbusters with seemingly impossible story lines, to resource limited Commercials looking for a touch of reality in surreal environments.
Give us a call, we’ll come up with something.

In this talk you’ll here some of our secrets from behind the cameras, including our recent work on the latest Mission Impossible film.

About the speakers
Ray and Alan have worked on a great number of media projects over the years, building up a huge amount of experience in the industry.

Bringing together their decades of skydiving and film work, they’ve become the go-to people when the industry need someone jumping out of a plane.

The evolution of Freefly

Paul Capsey

The talk looks at how Freefly has evolved over the years from its conception in the mid 80s, with a look at how wind tunnels are creating a less dynamic generation of Freeflyers. Paul will also be taking a look at some of the mind blowing Freefly from the 90s & 00s that surpass what people are doing today.

About the speaker
Paul has been a full time Freefly coach since 2010 and now has over 3500 skydives, working as an AFF instructor.
In 2015 as cameraman for Freefly team Euphoria, along with David Pacey & Sean Freeman, he won a Bronze medal in both the World Cup and the World Air Games in Dubai in Freefly Artistics. He is also is a Freefly National Judge.

Going beyond Stratos and StratEx: Skydiving and human space exploration

ProfessorAnu Ojha
Director (National Space Academy)

In October 2012, Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier in a supersonic stratospheric skydive seen live by millions online around the world, only to see his record shattered two years later in low-key style by Alan Eustace.

But what further developments have there been in stratospheric skydive programmes? How is parachuting and skydiving integrated into the astronaut and cosmonaut training programmes of National space agencies? And will there ever be a time when BPA members could themselves experience the space environment through a jump from the “edge of space”?

About the speaker
Anu Ojha is Director of the UK’s National Space Academy programme, a Director of the UK National Space Centre (the UK’s largest visitor centre for space science and astronomy) and in 2018 was appointed to STFC Council – the UK’s Research Council responsible for national and international facilities and programmes in particle physics, nuclear physics and astronomy/space science.

He is also a member of ESA’s Human Spaceflight and Exploration Science Advisory Committee (HESAC) – the senior advisory body to ESA’s Director of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration on all matters concerning scientific exploitation of human spaceflight, microgravity and exploration programmes. He has been jumping since 2000 and was involved as an independent science analyst for Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull Stratos stratospheric jump programme.

The normalisation of deviance

Andy Pointer
BPA Advanced Instructor and Safety Officer at Skydive Algarve

Our sport is not a safe one. Every single time we jump from a plane, we put ourselves at mortal risk. So how is it that so many skydivers make the conscious decision to jump with second rate kit, jump while their head is not totally in the game, or make descents that they are not trained or qualified to make, or jump designs of parachute far outside their capabilities to fly?

We see such behaviour everywhere. Unfortunately, any time we see it and do nothing about it, we contribute to the normalisation of deviant behaviour. The greater our technological and training advances, the more complacent and arrogant our collective ethos becomes. We need to see these processes taking place around us and act to keep each other safe.

About the speaker
Andy Pointer is a BPA Advanced Instructor, working as the Safety Officer at Skydive Algarve.

The future sport of Drone Racing

Richard Roland & Leo Whitfield
BFPVRA Committee member / British Champion 2018

This seminar will give you an inside view into the upcoming sport of Drone Racing from the perspective of a top level racer and a National event organiser. Find out about the successes, failures and challenges faced as drone racing grows, what the future entails, as well the technological advances in drone equipment.

About the speakers
Richard has been involved with drones since 2011 and part of the racing scene since it started in 2015. Creating the UK Drone Racing League and Calendar has helped the UK racing scene grow and develop from the grassroots level all the way up to National competition.

In 2017 Richard was elected onto the committee of the British FPV Racing Association where he still holds a position now.

Leo started flying drones aged 14 having found his way into the hobby through YouTube videos. Now at 19 he is the current British National champion, and was the 2017 Danish National champion, his journey into drone racing has taken him across the world as he competes in races.

HAHO to rocket boots – Skydiving on TV

Andy Torbet
TV Presenter

Andy will be talking about his career, looking at the way he has combined his work as a television presenter, with his passion for Skydiving.

About the speaker
Although Andy’s jumping career started in the Armed Forces he was a very new sport skydiver when the BBC asked him to perform a HAHO jump over the Arizona Desert. From this his passion for skydiving blossomed and he went on to generate films on the sport, including wingsuiting and speed skydiving, for the general public on programmes such as BBC1’s The One Show and his own Children’s BBC series Beyond Bionic. The latter saw him pitting himself against the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest animal in the world, which involved strapping prototype jet engine to his legs.
He even has plans to play a game of real Quidditch in 2019…

Safety and the BPA’s role

Jeff Montgomery (Safety Jeff)
BPA Safety & Technical Officer

As a BPA member of staff and Safety & Technical officer for the Association, will be giving an insight on how the Association works towards Safety and the role it plays on a day to day basis. During the talk you’ll find out about the BPA’s working relationships with other organisations, historical information, statistics, insurance, current safety management, and key areas that the BPA’s stakeholders, staff, Directors and volunteers work towards behind the scenes to ensure that we can continue to enjoy our sport.

About the speaker
Safety Jeff has been skydiving for 21 years and instructing for 19 years. As Safety & Technical Officer for BPA he has the honour of working within our National Governing Body for Sport Parachuting. As an Instructor Examiner, he directs and oversee all of the Associations Instructor Courses and considers it a privilege to work with those members who wish to obtain BPA Instructor Qualifications. He currently chairs the Associations Safety & Training Committee to which a great deal of work goes in through its members, sub-committee and training organisations to ensure that we implement and review all safety practices.

The Freefall Camera Project

David Alatorre & Peter Storey
Research fellow in robotics / Applications engineer

The Freefall Camera is the world’s first skydiving robot, designed to autonomously film skydivers in freefall. The robot uses a variety of control surfaces and sensors to change its relative position and terminal velocity. Since their presentation at Skydive the Expo 2015, they have completely redesigned the robot to make it lighter and safer, and completed live tests from a plane. In this talk David and Peter will discuss the latest developments, show the first ever ‘Robot Relative Work’ footage, and give you a glimpse at what’s next.

Critical Communication: adding value to your coaching skills.

Chris Shaw

Coaches and Instructors – how much of your time, energy and effort that you spend with your clients (students) are ineffective?

Did you know communication with your clients is probably only 30% effective at best?

This seminar is for coaches and instructors looking to find additional ways to deliver the best value possible to clients, by increasing your ability to get your briefings across, without radically changing your own style of coaching or instructing.

Whilst primarily aimed at coaches and instructors, this seminar is also valuable to anyone who has a need to effectively get a message across, to an audience, in a personal or professional capacity.

Indoor Skydiving – Olympic dreams and beyond

Marc Fletcher
British Indoor Skydiving Association

A journey exploring the evolution of indoor skydiving as it’s own sport, the growth of indoor competitions, recent GB excellence, Olympic hopes and an introduction to the British Indoor Skydiving Association.

Packing your parachute. What (not) to do.

Hans van Marrewijk
European Marketing Representative – Performance Designs

Hans has more than just a little bit of experience packing parachutes, and with all those pack jobs, he’s learned a thing or two.

In this seminar, you’ll hear some tips and tricks to make your packing more enjoyable along with some myth busting about packing techniques and (bad) habits.

Hans will also cover safety and safety issues and talk about the influence some components of your equipment can have on your canopy and its opening.

About the speaker
Hans is the European Marketing Representative for Performance Designs and has made over 22,000 jumps. He started skydiving back in 1994, started working in the sport in ’98 and joined PD in 2014.

Is CRW cool again?

Wes Guest & Simon Perry
Team VelociWraptors 2 Way CF

2018 2 way CF national champions and theoretical stunt team, VelociWraptors, embark upon a 50 minute journey to not only make you want to try CRW but, convince you that CRW is cool again. They’ll take a look at the golden days of CRW to the latest CRW/XRW hybrid jumps, and the competition scene to prove that fashion has gone full circle and the cool kids do CRW again. On top of all that, they’ll be telling you how you can get involved.

Speed skydiving

Matthew Black

In this seminar, Matt will be covering the Speed skydiving requirements and fundamentals, along with a bit of myth busting, and discussing his thoughts on the Future of the Speed skydiving.

Down for 50

Joel Strickland

Across the Summer of 2018, two freelance air sports athletes set out to be the first people to skydive in all fifty of the United States as part of a single unbroken trip.

Why did they do this, how did they do it and (most importantly) what did they learn?

Down For 50 is an adventure of epic scale – involving spectacular highs, life-threatening lows and many things in between. Built from equal measures ambition, experience, determination and foolishness. From the desert to the mountains and back again, from sea to shining sea.